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Pelumi Obisesan is the Founder of Teens Going for Gold Network, convener of Project Inspire and Editor-in-Chief of the TeenAchiever bulletin.

She inspires, educates and empowers young people on their path to self-discovery.


Pelumi  Obisesan is a Civic Leader who is passionate about seeing young persons especially teenagers excel in their chosen fields. As a young emerging leader she has contributed to the development of her community with various interventions from her organization. However, her online presence was not so potent.  Bramodigi was brought in to help make her digital brand footprint worth it.


As a leader in her unique sphere of influence, we saw the importance of her having a platform where she can build a community around her core message. There was also the need to help Pelumi develop a visual brand identity that would make her stand out.


Pelumi Obisesan: The Brand

We developed a logo that communicated Pelumi Obisesan’s mission statement, which is to help others make meaning of their own lives and live purposefully.

Pelumi Obisesan: The Website

The website was created to tell a story of Pelumi Obisesan, what she stands for and what projects she is involved in. We also integrated a blog such that she can share her knowledge and experience with her community.


As a leader and change agent, Pelumi Obisesan has redefined her brand image in the minds of her community. The creation of a platform now serves as a leverage to expand her influence as she reaches out to a new set of audience.

  • The pelumiobisesan.com web design by Bramodigi for is simply awesome. From the conception of the idea to the actual design, the attention to detail was very amazing . We are glad they designed for us

    Oluwapelumi Obisesan
    Founder, Teens Going for Gold Network


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