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Common Wealth Africa Summit 2017

Beyond Shared Heritage to Collective Growth


Common Wealth Africa Initiative


Pan Commonwealth Non-Profit Organization


Display Advertising Campaign

AboutThe Client

Commonwealth Africa Initiative is a Pan Commonwealth organisation with a mandate to promote the interest of the African bloc of the Commonwealth of Nations and foster more opportunities for Commonwealth Citizens from Africa. Through her scholarship program and exchange activities, the initiative helps to foster economic prosperity for Commonwealth Nations in Africa.


The New media unit of the Commonwealth Africa Summit needed help in running a successful social media advert campaign to promote the annual summit which holds in London, United Kingdom. More importantly, they were in need of someone who could maximize their proposed budget to drive effective results.


Bramodigi recognized that the Commonwealth Africa Summit is not a regular event and is exclusively for institutional leaders who would not come to a summit such as this by just seeing a social media ads. We focused on Facebook & Instagram; the ads campaign was split to serve primarily as brand awareness, and secondarily to invite potential attendees to register.

Commonwealth Africa Summit 2017 Ads: Key Insights 

Link clinks is the number of times that a user clicked on “register” on CAS2017 ads. This ads generated a Click-through-rate of 7.33%.

Impression is the total umber of times your CAS2017 ads was appeared in front of a user device screen.

Reach is the total number  number of people who saw the CAS2017 ads at least once.


The summit provided an opportunity for leaders around the world to collaborate with Commonwealth member states from SMEs and multinational companies, Business delegations, global investors, investment bankers, project developers and financial institutions.

  • Working with the team at Bramodigi was an Amazing experience. They made sure our message was out there and got people talking about it. They gave us more than we expected

    Oluwatobi Aigbogun
    Head of New Media, Commonwealth Africa Summit


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