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10 Free Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Visual Content


It’s one thing to be present on social media and it’s another thing to have a social media presence. As it may seem like they are same thing, I believe they are two different extremes.

To be present means you are just like the every other regular kid on the block. To have a presence means you the “cool dude” juice. You always attract the right audience for your business and keep them engaged all the time.

Creating and publishing engaging visual content can help you build that presence. Thousands of information is being blasted in the face of your target audience daily and it literally takes an individual less than 5 seconds to decide if an information is worth their attention.

The key to helping your target audience decide that you are worth the time in those 5 seconds is to use engaging visual content.

There are tools that can help you create captivating social media graphics in less than 5 minutes.

Enjoy the list of free social media graphics tools.

1. PixelLab

Available on Android

2. Canva

Available on web and IOS

3. Pixlr

Available on web, Android, and IOS

4. Flipagram

Available on Android, and IOS

5. Recite

Available on web.

6. Infogram

Available on web.

7. Snappa

Available on web.

8. Stencil

Available on web.

9. Pic Monkey

Available on web, Android, and IOS

10. Easel.ly

Available on web.

Your graphics would not be complete if you do not have amazing images to communicate your story.

Here are my favourite websites to get free stock photos


Engagement is Vital

Social media has gone from just a fun place to serious business. If you would stand out, you must develop a great strategy to induce engagements on all levels.


How do you ensure your content are engaging in the midst of so many information pulling on your target audience? Let us know in the comments.

Abraham Ologundudu is a brand and digital strategist. As the lead strategist at Bramo Digi, he works with leaders to simplify the process of using digital media and technology for profit and impact.

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